Extension Bar too small-shows only a few extensions

  • I see over and over on this forum, requests to enlarge or allow user resizing of the Extensions bar. These requests go back many months.

    Well, add me to that list of requests.

    I started using Firefox 10 years ago. It has been my daily driver almost exclusively since I first discovered it. The primary reason has been its wonderful ability to be customized mostly through the use of addons/extensions.

    When I found out Mozilla had decided to convert to the Chrome base and lock out all those addons unless the author completely rewrote them, (many of which will not), I went looking for a new browser.

    Without those addons it doesn't matter which browser I use does it? Especially since many now are going to the Chrome base using Chrome extensions.

    But, whatever browser I use, the addons/extensions I use MUST work!

    When I started using Vivaldi a few weeks ago I thought, "Wow!, this is like finding Firefox 10 years ago!" I've hardly opened another browser since I installed it! Love it and have been recommending it to others.

    But understand, if my extensions aren't available and usable, my interest wanes quickly.

    I cannot imagine there is much coding necessary to make that extensions bar resizable just as the address bar is. Or let us move them to the status bar like we can in Firefox if we use Classic Theme Restorer to restore the Status Bar and Firefox Customize to move the Addons. Or...........I think you get the idea.

    I'm very serious, I REALLY like Vivaldi but if I can't have the extensions I use, available and usable then, even though I'm not a fan of it, I'll simply go to Chrome.

    This is an important issue, to me and to many others. I hope Vivaldi will realize this and fix this problem, the sooner the better.

    Thanks for your browser and thanks for your consideration.


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    If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request for each feature at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests in the corresponding thread for your browser version.
    Add one line in bold as a short title for the feature and 2-3 lines to describe the wanted feature.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    It appears that this has been requested several times. I sincerely doubt one more will have much effect.

    No, sorry, if it doesn't happen I'll just move on.

    But, thanks for your reply.


  • @Gwen-Dragon Has been requested a million times. @bornconfuzd makes a valid point, writing yet another feature request for this will do nothing.

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    @luetage I disagree. I could not find even one request for this, let alone a million.

    People need to get a sense of proportion. With so many different users, each with their own priorities, some less frequently requested features may take years rather than months to get implemented.

  • @Pesala Ahh, sorry, I didn't see the search was advanced. You are right, doesn't see to be in the 1.12 feature request.

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    @luetage said in Extension Bar too small-shows only a few extensions:

    I didn't see the search was advanced

    Even without limiting the date range, there are only five pages of results searching for "extension." The nearest I could find was made for 1.7.

    "Overflow" Extension Button.

    When an extension button is disabled, add a small downward-facing arrow on the right edge of the toolbar to indicate that additional extension buttons are hidden.

  • @Pesala

    Why is there always at least one "Fanboy" who must come to the aid of "their" software, (or whatever), against "all comers". Sort of like defending the honor of the fair maiden.

    Notwithstanding what you did or did not find doesn't change the fact that there HAVE been multiple requests for this to be fixed.

    At this point it requires effort on the part of Vivaldi programmers to fix it, not more requests.

    In fact, I don't even see the point of your post short of "defending the honor of the fair maiden". All you did was to tell others where they're wrong and offered nothing of substance to the discussion.

    Thanks for your post,


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    @bornconfuzd said:

    In fact, I don't even see the point of your post

    The whole point of the Feature Requests thread is to give the developers some idea of which features are most popular. If a request has never been posted, or has very few votes, then it's going to have a low priority. Insulting others as fanboys is stupid. Vote for the feature request, and return to post again in six months if it is still missing.

    A new search for "extension" rather than "extensions" found this post with one vote:

    @dude99 said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Add command via Right-click Popup Menu into Extension Toggle Button

    And this one with eight votes:

    @kk3311 said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    DROPDOWN for long list of extension icons along the address bar

    If neither of these are what you actually want, then add a new post.

  • So this is about the ext-sidebar?

    As many (most?) sidebar extensions are for Opera(?) I think it might be good to postpone serious work (if there is any) regarding extension bar - as it might be that Opera might shift it's extension bar to the Reborn UI. Therefor it would need perhaps all sidebar extensions redone.

  • @Rudric

    This is about extension icons for extensions that have been added/installed showing up on the browser extension bar. If the icons don't appear the extension is pretty much useless.

    I've installed about a dozen extensions and as it is only about half of them will show an icon on the browser extension bar, the rest remain hidden and are useless.

    To reiterate, requests to change this behavior and show the icons for all extensions added have been made multiple times to no avail.


  • OK, I'm pretty satisfied with the situation - apart rearrange no avail.

    If the extension icon doesn't have any functionality then I don't mind not seeing the icon.

    Extension such as Simple Extension Manager shows all extensions - and it's quicker way of managing ext's than going to ://extensions.

  • @Rudric

    That's fine for you, but not so fine for those of us who have/want/need more extensions than the extensions bar will show, thus the reason for my first post.


  • So it only shows 4 icons? Huh... There's a flag in Opera that's suppose to "expand" it or something but people complain it doesn't work.

    See this extension called Simple Extensions Manager:
    alt text

    alt text

    While it takes time for features to be added and developed - why wouldn't you use this in the mean time?

  • @Rudric

    Well, thanks for the feedback but it seems that the only thing this does is act as a shortcut to my extensions page allowing me to enable/disable extensions and use their options. Not really very functional.

    As to the problem itself, extension icons not showing up in the extensions bar. I've uninstalled and reinstalled Vivaldi, (one more time!), but this time I followed directions and actually deleted Vivaldi folder containing my user profile. I also used CCleaner to scour the registry for remnants which I deleted as well.

    After reinstalling this time Vivaldi is now showing all the extensions I've added, except for a couple that apparently just don't work. One of those is Google Drive, which is odd because it's added when Vivaldi is installed. Another is Mega, but I can live without that, maybe it'll be fixed someday.

    I may run into more, but if I do I'll report them as not working.

    In the meantime, I'm back up and running with Vivaldi including my extensions and enjoying a great new browser!



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