How to open the Evernote prog from out Vivaldi

  • Hi Everybody,

    My Evernote prog installed on Windows 10 (not the app!) doesn't open when I have a link like this evernote:///view/571619/s2/2b33e7da-75f8-455f-9b9c-bdf3c5b5f7....etc/.
    How can I add this in the settings that Vivaldi will open Evernote when clicking on this link instead of opening a blank page?

    Thanks in advance!

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    You could try seeing if its protocol handler was set properly. Open the settings app, and use the serahc box to find "protocol" and open "choose a default app for each protocol".

    Then here see if you can find the appropriate protocol for evernote. If it's not there but should have been added by the evernote installer then something may have gone wrong with the evernote installation.

    There are ways to add your own handler, but at the windows level. There is some information at

    Following this, yours would probably look like

          (Default) = "URL:Evernote Protocol"
          URL Protocol = ""
             (Default) = "evernote.exe,1"
                   (Default) = "C:\path\to\evernote.exe" "%1"

    I hope this advice is helpful, I have never had experience trying to use evernote before. I've always been more partial to zotero.

  • @LonM Thanks for your reply. Though I would get an email when somebody replies...
    Anyway, I have no "protocol" in my Settings!
    I never had this with other browsers.
    Also is Vivaldi still running, after closing it, in the background and sometime I can not restart Vivaldi. Have to kill all the issues and than I've lost al my open tabs 😞

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    That's unfortunate. It's possible evernote is doing something else in the other browsers. It might help if you contacted them, as maybe their installation doesn't have full support for vivaldi.

    post edit: I'll tag you directly, @cysoon , maybe that's why you didn't get a notification


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