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  • Howdy. I don't like when programs hide the desktop environment's window frame. It happens that the window frame, in KDE's case at least, has functionality which I don't want to lose. For instance, it's common for me to leave a youtube video playing and set the window to always be on top of everything. Moreover, it's not very helpful that the the vivaldi browser's UI is made of plain colors without edges or shadows, which makes it very hard to spot where the window edge is. So, could you please enable the window frame ? Thanks. Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I'd also like to ask for this option. Default it to the way it is, but please allow us who desire window frames to have them.

  • Yes please, this is very important for me too. Please make it a setting to enable this.

  • +1.

    My MO for maximising a window is to double click the title bar as its a much bigger target than the tiny max window icon and is invariably closer to where my mouse is when I want to do it. The title bar is both very short and indistinguishable from the area where new tabs are created, directly under the title bar.

    This can be mitigated with View -> Toggle menu position, but there is still the UI problem that the area to double click is still indistinguishable from the new tab area.

  • @Gort:

    I'd also like to ask for this option. Default it to the way it is, but please allow us who desire window frames to have them.

    i agree as well, although i utterly hate window borders i can see the advantage to some

  • +1+

  • Although it's not completely the same, I have a similar problem.

    I'm using xmonad on arch, and usually don't have any borders or title bars on my applications, you just control them using the keyboard.
    To me, the top bar of the vivaldi browser just feels like wasted space.

    I would really appreciate it if you could disable all UI features that should be left to a specific desktop manager, so us linux users can choose to get a consistent desktop look and feel.

  • +1 Definitely.

    For me, it's actually a bug - I cannot move the window in Window Maker at all. This includes the Preferences dialog.
    Forcing the titlebar in Window Maker worked, but the setting didn't stick for some reason, and didn't apply to the dialogs.

  • Yup, in elementary OS the window decoration seems to be ignored. I am using super wing panel and this poses a bit of a problem. I am attaching a screenshot which shows how the deleted tabs, minimise and maximise icons hide behind my panel. I'd rather my desktop environment control the minimising maximising etc. Sorry for the rant!

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    +1 on the OP idea

    • from me.
      On my KDE all windows have borders, except Vivaldi. I believe, I can force borders somewhere inside KDE, but vivaldi should be able to set this on its own.

  • One more in agreement, I use shade/unshade to move windows out of my way, this is not possible when windowmanager frame is removed

  • In my opinion this will remain a major issue for at least some time. I belong to those of you who don't like (most of) native OS window decoration, but regardless of that, most of the decoration executes relatively important functionality which it wouldn't be fair to force users to lose.

    On the other hand, Vivaldi was conceptualized as a CSS-based browser, and bringing it back to native OS framework would kind lose the whole point.

    Both arguments are viable, and I would very much love to see the solution the developers come out with. Eventually 🙂

  • Ditto from me too - this is a deal breaker if its not likely to be fixed.. I have my WM configured to use different mouse gestures, for example middle mouse button to move windows about.. the Vivaldi window has its own special snowflake of a set of mouse gestures.. so I have to think hard every time I want to access it.

    Also, not sure if related, I can't foreground it by clicking on parts of it, even the menu bar.. I have to use alt-tab instead 😞

    tomica: What is a CSS based browser? How does it create its windows then?

  • We got it 🙂 Thank you very much for the fix !

  • Native Window function is good for me now in Mint x64 KDE, with, after the false-start in Yay – thanks V devs 🙂


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