"Minimize active tab" behavior changed after v1.11 update, please leave old behavior!

  • Hi,
    "Minimize active tab" behavior changed in v1.11 update.
    I cannot live without the old "Minimize active tab" behavior:
    When you click current tab (TAB1) - it is minimises and previously accessed tab is shown (TAB2), when you again click the TAB1 - it returns to the TAB1 again, again click TAB1 - TAB2 will be activated, so no tab cycling through all open tabs, only current TAB1 and previously accessed TAB2.

    It was so comfortable to compare some similar website, specifications and etc.

    Now the behavior is changed to:
    Click active TAB1 - it is minimises and previously accessed tab is shown (TAB2), click TAB1 again - active TAB1 will be restored, clicking TAB1 again - TAB3(more previously accessed) will be shown (not TAB2 as in old behavior), so it will then cycle through all previously accessed TABS.

    I did not find any setting to bring up the old behavior.

    Please, please, please, make an option to leave an old behavior, it was so comfortable.

  • it is already resolved in latest 1.12 snapshots, either update to the snapshots versions or wait for an updated 1.11 stable


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