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  • Hello!

    I've been interested in using emails because, firstly, it's cool, but secondly, because it features the multiple email characteristic. The only problem is that, I've done researches for, but I haven't found out any answers to my issue; is there any way to put like, +newsletter emails into a specific folder rather than the main one? That would be really interesting in my opinion. Also, I think it could be great to basically disable some +text emails, for instance, like, when you register to some sort of weird website, so that you can register to it, have the "Confirm the registration" button, and then disable this +text email so that you don't receive any spams from it.


  • You can go to and create a filter:

    If there's To header containing [] move to [desired folder].

    This desired folder can be the Trash folder.

  • @RVieira said in Vivaldi Webmail Question:

    This desired folder can be the Trash folder.

    It is possible to set a filter to delete some emails permanently, without moving them to the trash folder.


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