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  • Keeping an eye on your downloads is painful at the moment. The huge downloads panel takes away about 15% of a laptop screen, just to display a little progress bar. So I keep it closed — but then I don't know when the download is done. However, a notification dialog is annoying also, since I don't want to care for that download in that second.

    I suggest to put that information in the status bar.

    I previously used firefox with the „download status bar“ extension, or, from what I know Chrome does this built-in.

    After having the download progress moved to the status bar, I'd like to have an option to remove the panels from screen completely. This belongs to the menu, not always-visible stealing room from the content.

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    @ratti How is a notification window that appears for 5 seconds or so annoying? You click the download link (choose the download location or always download it to the same place), then when it's finished, Vivaldi tells you. Then you can open the downloads folder if you wish or just let the notification disappear and get on with your work.

    0_1503089498168_Download Complete.png

  • @pesala said in Add download status bar:

    @ratti How is a notification window that appears for 5 seconds or so annoying?

    Totally annoying.
    Popups should never occur in a typically use case. They pop up when you are typing somewhere else (typing in facebook… „What? the sentenced I typed was eaten up by a popup“. Or: Typing „LOL(return)“ and then „Huh? Pressing return just confirmed something!? What was that?). And they pop up 20 times when you start 20 downloads. And it's a „wrong“ user experience: Popups are ment for „I need your attention. Now. Decide!“. Which clearly is not the case for a finished download. The UI should react with something like „OK… my part is done… you can care about that stuff later, I just help you to not forget about it…“

    Which means: There should be „something“ on the screen that doesn't annoy, doesn't go away without interaction, doesn't take to much space or attention.

    A popup should be used for „The disk is full“ or „The https-certificate is invalid“, but not for „there's something to be done after you have finished facebook or the page you are just reading, in possibly half an hour“ (…and forget it immediately after hitting cat content…)

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    You do not have to do anything about the download notification popup. It goes away after five seconds. Just continue typing or reading and deal with it later.

    You can open the download folder if you wish to from the notification popup, but you do not have to do anything.

    Or, you disable them, but you said you want to be notified if a download has finished.

  • @pesala My impression is that you don't get the problem, I try to explain it better.

    What I expect:

    • I start a download.
    • Then I surf on a site that has nothing to do with the download, lets say: Facebook.

    some minutes later…

    • Download is done.

    Now there should not be a notification. This has not to be dealt with now. Let's call it “reminder“ that is:

    • small
    • doesn't go away (important)

    When I am done surfing facebook or whatever, then I notice the “reminder“ and care for the download.

    • I do not want to be “disturbed“ on facebook
    • I do not want having to remember a popup that I clicked away half an hour ago

    So, from my opinion, a popup is the wrong way anyway. The download panel is suited my needs alot better, because it already does what I want. It has the „right behaviour“.

    The problem is:
    Even I have a large MacbookPro, the download panel is taking away so much space that I get problems with websites, because their viewport is to small. And even if I do not get problems it's annoying to give away so much space, just to monitor something that could be monitored in 0.5 x 3cm instead of a complete huge panel.

    Look at this please:
    Status bar

    In my opinion this is a perfect solution.

    Panels and popups are painful. I really do not want them for anything.

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    @ratti said in Add download status bar:

    The download panel is suited my needs a lot better

    So open it when you have finished wasting your time on FaceBook and deal with the downloads. Turn off notifications, and do not open the downloads panel when starting a download. Who needs another place to show downloads information when it is all displayed in the downloads panel when its needed?

    Or, open the downloads in a tab instead of the panel.

  • @pesala From my point of view this is a horrible user experience.

    This means I have always to remember that I started a download a hour ago („open the panel“ — why should I remember that?). Or that I have a zillion of Tabs open (download in tabs).

    I really don't get it why the perfect implementation from chrome was removed for Vivaldi, even as a config option.

    I'd like to have a config where I never have to use a panel. Bookmark-editing and history should be in a complete dedicated tab or window. Downloads should go to a download bar.

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    @ratti said in Add download status bar:

    Bookmark-editing and history should be in a complete dedicated tab

    Bookmarks and History can be opened as dedicated tabs, as can the downloads tab. If you open zillions of tabs, then it is your own fault that the browser becomes unmanageable.

    Using Panels gives quick access to bookmarks, notes, downloads, etc., without opening another tab. When you're ready to deal with downloads or bookmarks, open the panel, deal with it, and close the panel again. There is no need to keep even the panel toolbar on if you want to save space.

    The Chrome status field was not removed. Vivaldi has to build everything in the UI from scratch Adding stuff that's already available elsewhere gives more users choice, but it's a waste of time IMO. Opening the Downloads Panel or Tab with a shortcut or mouse gesture immediately show you the list, which can be sorted in various ways now.

    I don't see how a status field is any use at all. You still have to open the downloads, panel, tab or folder to do anything with a download. It's just telling you that the download completed, which the downloads tab also does.


  • @pesala I think we're getting nowhere at the moment. You are explaining various methods I found already. But none of them is as smart as the standard Chrome download-bar. If you download anything with Chrome, you get an additional bar, showing the progress, keeping a list of all your downloads. Always visible, but taking a minimum of space.

    From my point of view this is „the way“. This is what I want.

    Everything else:
    Panels, popups, dedicated Tabs, windows, confirm downloads, open-when-needed…
    …I tried it out. Sorry to say that, but from my point of view this stuff hurts. I can chose which one of them hurts less, but all that stuff hurts a lot.

    What surprises me:
    I believed Vivaldi is based on Chrome(ium), so the existing download bar has been removed? That's why I was asking, because I believed I could re-activate it since it's already in the code.

  • @ratti said in Add download status bar:

    What surprises me:
    I believed Vivaldi is based on Chrome(ium), so the existing download bar has been removed? That's why I was asking, because I believed I could re-activate it since it's already in the code.

    Well, the browser engine is based on Chromium; but the whole UI is rewritten for Vivaldi so none (or at best very few) of the UI effects will migrate.

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    @ratti said in Add download status bar:

    The latest updates adds the oft-requested download speed indicator in the Downloads panel, and an information pane at the bottom, which can be toggled on/off, to show the size, speed, source, destination, date, and time. Maybe later the speed indicator can be added to the Status Bar, but you're still going to need to open something to do anything with a download.

    0_1504194248152_Downloads Info.png 0_1504194254724_Downloads.png

    The GUI uses CSS and Javascript. See the Modding Forum

  • @pesala Thanks for your explanations. I will have al look at the modding forum if I can get rid of all panels and implement a download bar myself. I am a web developer.

    I will then rethink which browser to use in the future, because my impression is: Vivaldi gives not enough options to change the browser UI. There seems to be some user.css/.js, but I was hoping on an extension based ecosystem that really lets me change all UI, not only 40 or 50 checkboxes in the preferences menu.

    I changed from Firefox to Vivaldi because they are going to reduce the user's options to configure the browser by removing XUL. At the moment it looks for me as if my options in Vivaldi were even lesser — there's some options in the preferences, but no extensions that for example move the tabs-bar below the location-bar etc. — That is exactly what Firefox will be in the future. A „fixed“ application with „some options“ and „user.css and skins“, so there's no reason to change.

  • @ratti If you are a web developer, it should be easy for you. You can basically rewrite the whole UI of Vivaldi. It's just a matter of how skilled you are. Share your results on the modifications forum bard ^^

    By the way, what's a download bar? Is it horizontal, vertical? What's on it?


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