Vivaldi starts Discrete Graphics

  • Vivaldi works well for me. At this point my major issue is that it triggers the discrete graphics. Which is fine for performance but decreases my battery life and will eventually burn my leg 😉 . Is it possible to disable it somehow? (P.S. Mine's Macbook Pro Retina 15" Late 2013 model with Nvidia GT 750M)

  • Check out gfxCardStatus, a menubar app, I believe it is free
    It may help, even if only temporary

  • Thanks. That helps.

    Hope we get a more permanent option later on. 🙂

  • Just wanted to weigh in and second this. I can use GFX card status for now, but it's something that I'd like to be able to control from the app itself.

    If I can get comparable battery life with Vivaldi vs. Safari, it'll be my browser on all platforms. 🙂

  • Vivaldi still tries to select discrete graphics when it starts. This is the only forum post I can find that refers to the issue. Anyone know of a way to force Vivaldi to use the inbuilt graphics card?

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    try to disable all of GPU related options in vivaldi://flags

  • @Csineneo Upping the post.

    Just stumbled upon the fact, that Vivaldi doesn't support automatic graphic switching on my MacBook Pro (Early 2011), which is sad in 2017.

    Disabling all of GPU options is not the best way to go. No other modern browser switches GPU to discrete on launch (at least, I can say for Firefox and Safari), but does so only when needed, for example, on a page with video. Draining battery this fast isn't a good idea.

  • Yup.
    Upping this for visibility. Not sure if this is on their to do list and has low priority or if it is not even planned to fix at some point.

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    This is a huge pain point for those affected using Google Chrome as well. Regrettably, the Chromium developers only provide users with an on/off switch for hardware acceleration, not a "slider" control with an intermediate option to choose "lower power utilization" over performance.

    Apple, ideally, should also provide users with better tools to manage and control GPU resource utilization on macOS.

  • @xyzzy I agree Apple could be more forthcoming about this (especially to power users).
    On the other hand I do not have this problem with Chrome anymore and it's been solved for (subjectively) quite a long time.
    I'm not sure wether this is in the hands of the Chrome or the Chromium folks, but either way it should be fixed in Chromium.

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    @reach3r That's interesting. The Vivaldi UI itself is mostly just a bunch of JavaScript and images that gets rendered by Chromium like any other web page. Vivaldi doesn't control the actual GPU resources that get used to do the rendering.

    I'll point the Vivaldi team to this thread to provide some added context to the bugs that have already been filed. I'm honestly not sure what can be done to improve this but they do enjoy a good challenge. If they can find some way to improve this, I'm sure that they will.

  • We are waiting for the correction of the GPU in Vivaldi. In the meantime, we use Chrome.


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