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  • Hi,
    I don't know if this is the right place for Vivaldi Mail. I think the web based platform is not bad. The Addresses with all the information need to be a little bit bitter designed. But I have some questions:

    1. Can I sychronize the implemented calendar with other calendars. For instance I use Evolution as mail client an it's calendar. Is it possible to get the calendar files (.ics-files) integrated in the Vivaldi Mail Calendar?
    2. Can I connect a mail client like Evolution via POP or IMAP and SMTP with Vivaldi Mail and how?
    3. How can I use other email accounts with the Vivaldi Mail website?

    Kind regards,

  • Moderator

    1. Yes
    2. Yes.
      Port: 995 (POP3) SSL
      Port 993 (IMAP) SSL
      Port: 465 (SMTP) SSL
    3. No.
      Only the one mail address with
      If you need more and different mail addresses you have to register different nicks on Vivaldi Community.

  • Moderator

    Klappt das bei dir // Does this work for you?

  • Hi Gwen-Dragon,
    I implemented POP3 and SMTP in Evolution and it works fine.
    But I could not install any calendar file (.ics) using mobile sync. I always got an error message.
    Okay, I can stay with Evolution and it's calendar. Thank you for your advice.
    Kind regards,


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