Extension or mod to force loading pics from cache?

  • Most of people are trying to clear cache and force reloading, while I'm facing since I stopped using Opera12 the opposite problem. When browsing some picture sites like
    the pics gets reloaded from the net every single time. Watch one, go back, the thumbs gets reloaded, click again the same pics previously seen, they get reloaded, also opening the pic in a new tab, or downloading it gets redownloaded again. The setting in status bar to use pics from cache doesn't help and it seems the site is forcing a expiration of 1 second or something like that for everything it's being loaded.
    Is there some extension or possible mod to force keeping cache files and/or ignore expiration of cache files?

  • V seems to be loading images from the cache properly for me.


    Is that similar to what you see if you open dev tools and have a look at and image request from the network panel?

  • Almost nothing has (from memory cache) every time i click on the same pic or back to the thumbnails page, everything gets reloaded. It quite defies the usefulness of the cache, it's like it's not using it. Let me check my actual cache dirs.

  • OK! seems like something went wrong in vivaldi cache dirs. Deleted them for good from disk:
    Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Cache
    Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Media Cache
    and restarted Vivaldi, now it rebuilt them from scratch and I see something getting reloaded from memory cache. Even the thumbnails. So far so good.
    Some cleanup was needed. 🙂

  • It's possible due to the nature of that site (loads of images) that you're hitting the cache limit and it's running out of space. I must profess though, that i'm not an expert on chrome's cache so it may well be something else.

  • @LonM Could be anything, but I can assure the cache dirs were almost empty (I clean cache once in a while anyway but from inside Vivaldi with ctrl-shift-del) and today I visited that site after some time and the problem is not only there but almost everywhere. So far everything's fine, tried also 3 other pic boards. I'll remember to clean the cache in the hard way more often if it starts doing the same.

  • After one day of usage the problem is back. I can tell for sure that clearing cache from inside Vivaldi is the problem, it leaves the
    files in cache, and only by deleting these manually the cache is correctly rebuilt and reused

  • It's worse than I was thinking. After an hour browsing, and not clearing the cache by myself, I rechecked the cache directory and it was emptied of all f_* files, just the data_0..3 and index files were there. The worst part is that not even restarting Vivaldi the cache directory gets populated again. All the files gets reloaded everytime and they're not placed anymore in cache. Deleting again all the data and index files, Vivaldi starts again populating and using the cache. Something fishy is happening.

  • You can have the extension (if ur the dev) to use persistent storage, I think it's called unlimitedstorage in permissions. If i'm not mistaken it's a DB -hence faster than cache, and stuff won't disappear from storage despite cache cleaned (unless you clean it with Ccleaner or similar which can wipe DB's).

  • @Rudric said in Extension or mod to force loading pics from cache?:


    ok I googled up for it
    this seems just for extensions developers, doesn't help the normal usage of Vivaldi. In any case the issue of cache not being used does not seem to be reappeared so far. I'll try to not clean cache with ctrl-shift-del for some more time then I'll retry to do it and see if the cache still do not repopulate and by extension, not be used again. If that is the case, I can file a bugreport.

  • Ext devs should stop using cache altogether - the ext functions faster from unlimitedstorage.

  • Rudric? How should this help? I'm talking about Vivaldi cache stopping to work when it's cleared.
    And infact now I checked the cache dir and it's empty! Vivaldi is clearing the cache by itself, it seems, a couple of hours ago it was something like 500mb after a day of browsing, now only the data* and index files are there, and whatever site i visit, it doesn't get populated anymore.


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