Tabs No longer being saved on closing browser.

  • Glitch in the last update? All appropriate boxes checked for saving last session but I lose all when closing browser. Frustrating!

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    Cant reproduce it on Windows 10 x64 with 1.12 Snapshot and 1.11 Stable.

    Some information is neede:
    Which Vivaldi?
    Which extensions?
    Which setting for SpeedDial/Startpage?

  • I already restarted 4 times after updating to 1.12.936.3 and all my 5 tabs are there. And last session and tabs are in the trashcan aswell.

  • After I first installed Vivaldi, the next day after shutting my computer off and booting up, the first time I started the browser, my tabs were not restored. Only Speed Dial opened.

    Since then, all my tabs, most of which are pinned, open on starting Vivaldi after (re)booting my computer.

  • try
    vivaldi://chrome/settings/search#background apps
    and disable it.
    If there are any vivaldi.exe process active in memory, a new activation of vivaldi acts as if the user wants a new vivaldi window only, like ctrl-n, it is created but only with start page.


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