Can't disable Facebook notifications - rogue extension?

  • I'm reasonably sure it started when I clicked to update all extensions, but now I cannot disable Facebook notifications.

    If I try to disable them on Facebook, the button turns itself back on (!!) and if I check vivaldi:notifications, I am told that Facebook is controlled by an extension.

    So I disabled -every- extension, and it's still doing it. I restarted Vivaldi and it's still doing it. I don't like Facebook at the best of times, but now that it's hassling me with random crap -constantly- I'm starting to fear for my blood pressure. 😉

    1. How can I find out WHICH extension?
    2. Are there unlisted extensions?
    3. Does disabling them not actually disable them?
    4. plz help, I'm going mad.


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    I would open Vivaldi's Extension Manager and delete the extension if it always re-enables itself.

    You can find the bad one if you:

    1. Disable all
    2. Enable next
    3. Check Notification setting
    4. Goto Step 2 if not found
    5. Else delete extension which make such trouble

  • Unfortunately that doesn't really help. It's not the extension that's enabling itself - if that was the case, I'd not be asking how to determine which extension is doing it. All my extensions are disabled, and this still happens on Facebook:

    FB GIF

  • I removed/deleted all my extensions and the problem persists.

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    @NFGman I would suggest try creating a temporary new profile. If the problem is still happening, there may be some sort of system-wide install of a chrome extension (sometimes caused by malware) or some sort of system policy enforcing this.

  • I have same issue. I dont have any solution.

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    I hope no strange Facebook App is installed. Please check at vivaldi://apps

    Reset your profile.

    if that does not help you have some malware on your OS.
    Go on a non-infected PC and download Malwarebytes tool and scn your Windows.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    No apps were installed besides Vivaldi, Chrome app store, and Tweetdeck.

    Resetting my profile fixed the problem. I'll now start putting stuff back together and see what breaks.

  • As mentioned below (or above, as this reply seems to be both below the post I'm replying to and at the end of the page) resetting Vivaldi and loading in all my extensions again (along with passwords, bookmarks etc) solved the problem.

    For what it's worth, I've reloaded everything and the problem hasn't reoccurred so I'm left with a few worrying theories:

    First, I don't install many extensions. Currently I run just six: Ghostery, Privacy Badger, Hide Twitter Guff, Quick Javascript Switcher, Quick QR Code Generator and Twitter View Original Images. None of these cause the problem when installed, so either they're not to blame or they don't go rogue until later.

    The only App I run that's not included with Vivaldi is Tweetdeck.

    And so, it seems that the cause of this rather awful problem is a drive-by hidden extension malware of some sort, or an extension that goes rogue later down the line. I don't think the latter is likely based on these extensions' ratings, but things can always get bought out, taken over, etc. As for the former... I wouldn't have believed it to be possible until it happened to me, and now I'm a little concerned. Stealthily installed extensions are ... Well, they deserve very strong adult language and some immediate developer attention.

    That Vivaldi won't tell me WHAT extension is preventing my preferences is basically ridiculous, and makes trouble-shooting this much more difficult than it needs to be.

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    @NFGman said in Can't disable Facebook notifications - rogue extension?:

    That Vivaldi won't tell me WHAT extension is preventing my preferences is basically ridiculous

    Just my interest: does Chrome or Chromium tell you which settings are blocked by extension? I can not rememeber this.

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Sorry, I don't know. I've only used Chrome a few times.


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