Third party programs slowing down or blocking Vivaldi

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    !!! This is a thread to talk about third party programs interfering with Vivaldi, making it unusable or cause a slow down. !!!

    What to post here?
    For example information about some Security programs like anti-virus or desktop firewall etc. on different OS which may slow down or block Vivaldi.

    Please do not discuss here if you have issues with extensions or Vivaldi problems not related to security tools!

    !!! Off Topic not related to problems with Vivaldi and Third party programs will be deleted. !!!

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    One program family making Vivaldi almost unusable are some from Avast.
    We have many reports from users in forum.

    The only workaround is uninstall of Avast.

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    Also implicated, though in smaller numbers, have been:

    • ESET
    • Trend Micro
    • Total 360

    It appears ESET at least can be corrected through program settings.

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    Deleted offtopic.
    If you need to say all is ok, you can open a new thread and be happy with Vivaldi.
    Please read before posting.

    !!! This thread is not for discussions, only for reproducable reports of programs blocking Vivaldi. !!!

  • @ayespy said in Third party programs slowing down or blocking Vivaldi:


    ESET alone seems to be taking a plunge but the ESET smart security (means has anti-v and firewall) works a lot better. Don't ask me why but I tested them and plain ESET anti would take minutes to scan pc specially at start up and it always did with newer versions but the ESET smart security does it in a matter of seconds. I am running ESET smart security and my Vivaldi browsers are running faster than my google chrome. Just thought I would throw this out there in case some one want's to think twice about just getting the anti-v vs getting the Smart Security instead. I personally wish I tested this sooner as it was such a pain to wait for scan to complete because it caused my entire system to pretty much hang. It felt like bloated Norton or McAfee 😃

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    Warns/blocks Vivaldi
    For more go on discussion at

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    Some users tell that Norton Firewalls block Vivaldi.

  • I am using Avast AV for long time, and on Win7 I did not see any issues regarding Vivaldi vs Avast ! May be the problem is with Avast IS !

  • I know this topic is a bit old, but I was surprised that more than one person here mentioned problems with ESET. I use ESET Smart Security since Vivaldi 0.01 was launched and never had any problems. (or maybe I'm not aware).

    Vivaldi does take a bit to startup vs other browsers, but besides that, it always worked fine. I'm curious what problems others experienced with ESET and Vivaldi since I'm interested on replicating them or at least white listing Vivaldi in case it does cause issues in the future.

  • BattlEye
    The anti cheat software BattlEye blocks vivaldi when trying to open external links from a game which is using BattlEye.

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    Causing issues in video streaming [1]


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