Passwords remembering problem

  • Is there any way to get Vivaldi to start remembering the password for a website, once it has been removed from the saved passwords list in settings?
    I had instructed Vivaldi not to remember the password for a certain site, but later needed it to be remembered and filled automatically. I removed the site from the list of remembered passwords, assuming that this would cause Vivaldi to start re-prompting me when I login as to whether it should remember the password or not, but this didn't happen. Now Vivaldi never offers to remember the password, and I cant see any obvious way to add it back to the list manually.

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    You should reset the setting to ignore remembering the password for that site.

    Open vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords
    Scroll down, there is a list of domains Vivaldi does not store passwords
    Select the domain
    Hit Del or click the x at end of entry
    Close tab

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Passwords problem:


    That did it. It's easy when you know how isn't it? Thank you very much 🙂

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    Yes, if you know. Some settings are hidden and Vivaldi has to refine the interface (that is planned) to passwords and other hidden settings in near future to get a better user experience.


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