My main window is extraordinarily small and I can't access it

  • Upon opening my laptop today I noticed that I wasn't able to access Vivaldi, although it appeared in the task bar. I tried to alt+tab to it and found the below image. The only way I can access Vivaldi normally is by either alt+tabbing to the tiny window and using the hotkey to open a new window or by right clicking the icon and selecting New Window. I tried closing the window from the alt+tab UI, which works, and leaves me with only a "good" Vivaldi window, but upon closing everything and re-opening, it still starts with the small window. Even if I kill all Vivaldi processes and re-open, it still starts on this crappy tiny window. I'm on the latest version. Any ideas other than completely uninstalling?

    alt text

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    @c01313 The window you can't access is probably not "extraordinarily small" but probably actually mapped to be off-screen.

  • @Ayespy Thanks for the reply. This did not work for me, unfortunately.

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    @c01313 Have you tried a fresh profile? (Your profile is the "Default" folder which, if you installed normally in Windows is in your user profile, appdata\local\vivaldi\User Data. If you re-name it, you will then be able to start with a fresh profile, and later recover any needed data from your old profile.

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