Suggest: The browser supports multi-channel playback

  • I have 4ch speaker, but only work with 2ch in Vivaldi Browser.
    Another browser like "Edge" are support 4ch spedker , please help for optimize this suggestion.
    Thank's a lot.

  • This is a chromium "issue". You can't change the output device in browser. But can't you change the output device on operating system level instead? Not really sure what your problem is. 4 channels is quite a unique setup, what sources on the net even provide 4 channel audio?

  • Hi, when i use "2ch'speaker x 2" with Vivaldi Browser , that just only one of speaker have sounds.
    But the other browser like "IE"、"Edge" work fine to me.

    Can anybody test this question?

  • @hau Does it work on other chromium browsers like Chrome or Opera? It would be interesting to find out, if this is a Vivaldi or general chromium issue.

  • @luetage Hi, thanks for follow my question. Just test Chrome, Opera and Firefox, are not working.
    So i think Vivaldi are the same with Chrome base.

    And I think in the multi-channel case (more than 2 stets of speakers ) have the same question. (only the main speaker has a voice)


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