why the hell there is no option to open new tabs in background ?

  • You have nice setting-posibility, but why the hell there is no option to open new tab autom. in the background ?

    I know the mouswheel-click, but that's not really good and ctrl+click is also not really good for one-hand-using. And not every one want to use mouse gesture or context-menu. So how can I open new tabs autom. in background ?

    This is so important, I don't understand why there is no option for that. Something like left-click or double-click let set on an mouse-button... Google search have 40'000 search-counts for this problem with vivaldi. Is that not enough ?

  • Moderator

    Nobody an answer your hell-fired question.

    There is no option yet to open Tabs in background.
    Request it.

    If you think a feature is useful and missing in Vivaldi, please make a request.

    How to make a feature request for Vivaldi
    If you think your problem can be solved by a missing feature, please add a request at https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/48/features-requests in the corresponding thread for your browser version.
    Add one line in bold as a short title for the feature and 2-3 lines to describe the wanted feature.


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