Version 1.11 and 1.12 won't open on my Windows 10?

  • I was on 1.10 and loved it. Upgraded to 1.11 today and it wouldn't open so I tried 1.12 and it won't open either? HELP

  • Updated drivers? Updated resources via Windows Update? Here's working fine!

  • @MarieS Let's start with your security software. What is it?

  • Upgraded from 1.10 to 1.11 and the program would not open with Windows 7. I tried 1.2 and it opened. I then downloaded 1. 12 and it opens. I have no idea why 1.11 does not function properly. Happy to use 1.12.

  • You said on first post you aslo tried 1.12 and it won't open, now it opens. Seems a random issue, maybe clearing the profile and letting vivaldi rebuild it would have solved this. It still is an annoyance that happens to many users.

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