#tabs-container.left pointer events bug/unknown feature?

  • Hello,

    I have discovered a possible bug or perhaps a feature that I hadn't noticed before with Vivaldi that I am looking to disable.

    Reproducing this bug is really simple. Simply open a couple tabs in Vivaldi and then adjust the settings to have the tab bar on the left or the right side of the Vivaldi window. Then, double-click below the two tabs and below the '+' sign but above the 'trash can' icon. Wallah, a new tab is opened to your homepage or start page preference.

    When examining the code for this element, it looks like it uses the following CSS div tag:


    One would think that if I simply disabled the pointer-events (similar to disabling pointer elements for web panels), that it would work fine.

    I tried the following code, but so far haven't been successful.

     #tabs-container.left.active {
     pointer-events: none;

    If I add the pointer-events: none; instruction to simply #tabs-container, than it prevents clicking on any of the tabs and completely makes the tab strip inoperable.

    Any assistance is appreciated, but I will continue researching it myself as well.



  • Hmm... After some additional testing, this is reproducible with the tab strip on the bottom as well. It is also curious that it doesn't seem to matter whether or not thumbnails are used or not. Double-clicking on the empty tab bar space will inevitably open another tab every time no matter the number of times this is repeated.

    This is not reproducible with the tab bar on the top unless, presumably, the title bar is separate from the tab bar.

    Interesting... 🙂

  • @sethjbr You can create a new tab by using middle click with tabs no matter the tabstrip position. And I can't recreate creating tabs with double-click. But that's probably dependent on operating system.

  • @luetage

    Yes, I can create a new tab with the middle click as well, however, this button is rarely used. I am using Windows 7, but I can try reproducing this on Windows 10 as well.

    I just discovered that I can disable pointer events for the tab strip completely except for middle click and a double-left-click to open a new tab.

    This code will do that.

     #tabs-container.left .tab-strip {
       pointer-events: none;


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