Gnome shell system tray icon

  • Is it possible for us to change the tray icon (and where to do this) in Gnome so it matches the black and white overall theme of most other Gnome system icons?

    red vivaldi icon

    How are you getting a tray icon?
    Don't see it here in gnome-shell.

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    Vivaldi has no monochrome icon.
    Perhaps you can change the icon at /opt/vivaldi/resources/vivaldi/resources/icon_128.png into a mono.

  • You can try this method which I use to change an applications launch icon.
    Don't know if it will change your tray icon.
    Copy the system desktop file to your user directory.

    cp /usr/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/

    Then open ~/.local/share/applications/vivaldi-stable.desktop in your text editor and change the line Icon=vivaldi

    ~/.local/share/applications/ desktop files will override the system desktop launcher and won't be lost when upgrading.
    I've uploaded an inverted vivaldi-snapshot icon you can use.

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    @CantankRus Good idea, i forgot that edit of a local desktop file can solve the issue for the single user.
    My work is about 20-30% Linux KDE, 100% Linux Server, 70% Windows, so i am not a Linux Desktop geekette.

  • You could switch to the snapshot, then your icon is monochrome.

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