Still Lost Focus on a new Page / Startpage

  • Hi,

    I try to explain the Bug:

    If you Start the Browser with a custom startpage instead of the speeddial, the focus is still in the adressbar.
    If you click on the [+] on the tab bar, the Startpage will load in a new tab and the Focus is still in the adressbar. All okay, but (now important)
    If you click in any other area of the browser, like the searchbox or inside the webpage AND if you click then the [+] on the tab bar, the focus isnt in the Adressbar anymore (the focus isnt also on searchboxes, etc.) for the browser session. No matter if you close the tabs... etc. No matter, if there is a search bar / textbox on the "StartPage"

    If you choose a blank page as startpage, it works fine. On evey new tab , the focus is still in the adressfield. No matter if you click in other areas of the browser. With a custom startpage (tested with a simple local html page or online with a newspage for example) the adressbar focus is gone when you click inside the browser, for every new tab in the browser session.

    Start -> Startpage = custom
    Start -> Open when starting = Startpage
    Tabs -> Focus Page Content on New Tab = unchecked
    Tabs -> "New Tab" Page = Startpage

    The bug is in the stable and the latest snapshot Release. For months now.





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