Vivaldi now has the best speed dial on the web

  • Truly amazing to finally see Opera loose its perch as the nicest looking speed dial of all browsers. The new developer just released has seriously damaged the look of Opera's speedial. I'm a big fan of Opera browser for its slick performance and I always liked the speed dials but now it is plain vile and compared with Vivaldi then Opera looks disgusting. Why is it that browser users seem to have more idea and understanding of a browser than those who make the browser? I expected Opera to come out and hammer Vivaldi after the first tech preview but instead these crap sidebar extensions and crap speeddial look certainly show its continuing backwards in certain areas. Why does Opera make a big deal about syncing when almost every browser on the planet has been doing this for quite a while? I see they were that the mobile show boasting on such an option, big freaking deal I think they'd be much better bragging about their ancient and highly useful data compression Turbo feature than bleeding syncing. Vivaldi hurry up and get the browser stable and with the options needed so I can move over but make sure you get the performance of Opera or more otherwise what is the point? For now the Vivaldi browser still feels a bit like a lego set with clunky bricks lacking a certain smoothness. I can hammer Opera and struggle to push it to its limits can you eventually match it? Vivaldi could do with a built in media scanner on the lines of FVD or more powerful, an add blocker like U Block, an accelerated download manager (with bandwidth and download limits), far more main panel buttons keeping the side bar for more dedicated things like email perhaps or give us an option where to place things. This is where the Firefox UI is handy as we can really play around with the main panel just as we can with slimjet browser but thats let down by its chrome look in every other way (yuk) but a good customizable effort. A trashcan is nice on the main front as you have it rather than tucked away as in opera meaning yet more clicks etc but a nice tab menu button would be good next to the trashcan or again on the front page. I've not seen Spartan yet as I do not want to waste time with previews of W10 but I hope they get things right but I'm pretty sure Microsoft like the rest of western browsers makers will end up screwing something up or lacking somewhere and then they'll just rely on a third-party to make their browser better like the rest using plugins. Vivaldi has a very good opportunity if it pulls its socks up further and goes all out than it already has.

  • Too many words. What do you want to say?

  • Yes it's so good that it's first thing I disabled just as I did on Opera since its inception. Never understood what's the point of this "feature" is.

    Annoying at best.

  • Quick visual access to the sites you use most?

    Vivaldi's speed dial isn't just better looking, it's better functioning. The ability to make and switch between different speed dials is awesome to me, and allows me to better categorize them. This dovetails well with both my desktop and tablet installations of Vivaldi: especially on the tablet, I can make the organization very granular to cut down on number of shortcuts per speed dial page, making it easier for the tablet to handle rendering it.

  • @terzaerian:

    Quick visual access to the sites you use most?…

    If I'm "using" the sites, I will have them open in tabs. Otherwise, I have a packed, customized bookmarks bar that makes any favorite site only a click and a second-or-so-download away. But I realize that's just me, and I don't begrudge others from enjoying an adaptable and useful Speed Dial capability built into the browser. Such things simply reflect what's really great about a browser that has numerous and different configurable features within its code: it can be whatever different users elect to configure it to be - sadly, something a lot of browser makers are moving away from these days.

  • I just found out today you could easily switch bookmarks folders to become speed dial folders or bookmark bar by right click the folder. This so useful


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