Are you using "the cloud"?

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    Hi, Okay, so I admit it. I use "the cloud". I use some web apps and store the data remotely for universal access. I also use it for backup purposes through sync. Why? Because it's easy and convenient and offers access to my data from nearly anything with an Internet connection. I know there's are valid security concerns attached to use of cloud storage and services so I keep a local backed up vault for data I do not want out there, and data I know others have trusted me with who do not want it out there. But all in all, cloud storage and services have become something I rely on and use daily. When I am on a device without connection to my remotely stored data, and where my new data isn't automatically being synced I feel limited and uneasy and want my cloud back! 😎 How do people here feel about cloud storage and services? And if you have concerns what would you like to see change before you consider using cloud based storage and services? Being able to host your own cloud maybe? More security with regards to storage and transfer maybe? You tell me!

  • I don't use the Cloud and don't care for it.
    I keep all my stuff on Flash Drives where I have total control of it.

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    You say you do not care for it. Security concerns, or?

  • Not really.

    I don't really know why. Yeah, security is a concern, but that's not really why I don't. I just never find any use for it.

    I'm generally okay with any different devices I use having different set-ups. The odd time I need a file, I end up e-mailing it to myself or using a USB stick.

    I signed up for a free account with Tresorit, and they are supposedly secure. But I've never found the need to use it. It's been sitting there empty for about a year.

  • "Upload only what you want the Whole Wide World to know." - Confucius

  • I absolutely use the cloud. My photographs are out there (with a back up on my external hard drive). I use LastPass as a password manager so they're on the cloud as it were. I intend to get Office 365 which is an awesome deal for five computers. Much of my security software is cloud-based. 🙂

  • I use the cloud as absolutely little as possible, and cloud storage not at all. I want my data (much of which is sensitive) and my apps to be locally stored and maintained, and I make frequent backups to both internal and external media a top priority. Where I'm located, an Internet connection can be either uncertain at times or storage sites slow to respond, either of which interferes with rapid access of data files I need quickly for a variety of reasons. If my main computer or drive crashes, I've got parallel systems I can use to work from the external backup media.

    I lived long enough under the world of mainframe computers and smart-terminals to realize the critical (and all-too-frequent) failure points of such centralized schemes. The cloud is little different in that regard.

    Then there's the entire chain-of-security issue in passing one's sensitive files both ways through the many hands and possible eyeballs of those involved in routing and preserving data in the cloud. I believe in file encryption, but the less hands that encrypted material passes through, the less opportunity afforded of attacking it.

  • I use Opera Sync - I suppose that counts as using the cloud. But all my data is also on my computer, in case something messes up. Likewise, it is convenient that Google Play Books will automatically sync on any device - if my battery dies on my tablet I can just grab one of the others while it recharges. But I have no interest in any cloud service which isn't available when I have no connection (which is most of the time, as far as my tablets go). If there isn't a copy on my device when I'm away from my network, then it is of no use to me at all.

  • @test123:

    "Upload only what you want the Whole Wide World to know." - Confucius

    On Google drive I have a MicrosoftExcel 97-file called BooksIHaveRead. One day at the library I was looking at a book written by Frederick Forsyth. Hmm, I have read several of his books, so I down loaded BooksIHaveRead over the Internet to the library’s computer. Excel was installed, so I open the file, sorter on author and found that I should borrow this book. Of cause I deleted the file from the computer, but I would not mind if people could find out that I have read 2 581 books or 671 719 pages in my life. 🙂

  • Neither do I use any web apps nor do I use the cloud for storing my files.
    External disk drives are quite cheap.
    Aside from privacy and security concerns I'm not a fan of the leash.

    If I want to share something public I'll upload it to the cloud nevertheless. In this case I couldn't care less if the cloud is secure, who are sniffing around or even if the service will be shut down tomorrow.
    If the data I want to share is not meant to be public I prefer to put up my own server.

    Speaking of the cloud:

  • I use Yandex.Disk on my all devices. It gave me 240 gb storage for free.

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    I use Yandex.Disk on my all devices. It gave me 240 gb storage for free.

    But do not forget that it was an accident 🙂

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    I use Dropbox and yandex Disk but mostly Dropbox.

  • What cloud service can we trust? For example Dropbox many times hacked.

  • @muhasturk:

    What cloud service can we trust? For example Dropbox many times hacked.


    You may also like to consider these:

  • Opera Unite was "ahead of its time". Now is the time for something of that nature. An improved version could combine the features of Unite, Opera Link, torrent/magnet files, and file sync. Terryphi mentioned Bittorrent Sync, in another thread, which could lead to ideas:

  • Of course I use the cloud - I am writing here, don't I? This forum, the albums and the blogs store my data somewhere in the cloud.

    The "other" cloud (basically still being nothing more than big server-client networks and no "real cloud(TM)"):

    It depends on who owns the cloud and what kind of data I want to store.
    For private data or backups I use the private set up and maintained cloud of our company. We own the servers, it is fully encrypted and closed to anyone but employees and in doubt a workmate or I can pull the plug of the server.

    For things that are meant for the public:

    Why shouldn't I use the cloud?
    No need to hide things I want to see in the public and I don't care who stores the data and where they are stored as long as everyone can reach them under a certain address. The only thing that is important:
    The access to upload and manipulate the data should be highly secured. I don't want anyone being able to impersonate me.

    The "real cloud(TM)":
    Sadly Unite is history.

  • Aside of the security concerns, I don't care to take the gamble that on any given day, at any given time, the Provider could just up and fold, disappear … and my stuff with it.

  • While as QuHno points out that our being on Vivaldi means we use the Cloud … I don't now have on Vivaldi nor did I have on MyOpera anything that I couldn't afford to lose. My Blog Posts were backed up on MS Word Docs. And since my Blog has never been photo-based, I had virtually no photo albums.

    So, if MyOpera had without warning had ceased to operate and disappeared overnight, there wouldn't be anything of mine on there that I didn't have on my Flash Drives.

  • I only use(d) MyOpera - in the future I will (must) deliver to Dropbox for file hosting and sometimes as "mobile HD".
    It would be perfect, Vivaldi would offer a file hoster service. 😉

    I don´t use other "services". That beats me uncertain in terms of data security(!) and reliability of the service. And if they shut down tomorrow (as MyOpera) I'm leave out in the rain. :unsure:


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