Vivaldi is not asking to remind passwords anymore.

  • I'm using Vivaldi 1.11.915.3 linux (ubuntu 64bits 16.04) and the save passwords option is selected in settings under privacy menu.

    but any websites i create new accounts, Vivaldi won't ask to remember the password.

    is this a bug?

  • @zikkeratak Yes it was a bug, but is now fixed ... time for you to update :-)

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    @zikkeratak said in Vivaldi is not asking to remind passwords anymore.:


    You are using a old Snapshot.
    Please install 1.11.917.39 Stable which has fixed the bug.

  • thanx... i didnt had the time... but now it will save me a lot of time.

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    Did you update the Snapshot now?
    Issue fixed with the current released 1.12 Snapshot?

  • As mentioned already here this bug still exists in Vivaldi 1.15.1132.3 snapshot (64-Bit).

    Was there a possibility to solve this issue back then?

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    @chipy It's often due to a corrupted Login Data file. A clean file can/will restore normal functioning.

    In the meantime, can a program like ChromePass recover your passwords?

    If you go into chrome://flags and enable password exporting, and then (after restarting the browser) go to chrome://settings/passwords and click the three dots to the right of where it says "Saved Passwords," are you able export a file that contains your passwords?

    The data for any existing passwords IS stored in the Login Data file. But if it's corrupted, it won't show them to you, and won't save any more. What is your situation? Do you have any old passwords that were saved?

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    Well ...... it's back.

  • @lamarca :
    Lamarca, you were the first one to calm me down and letting me know after all the senseless spent hours I tried to fix it by myself that also others have this issue. Shared pain is half of the pain. ;)


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    @chipy I am anxious for this bug fix.
    My issue depends on the password dialog to rebuild the file Login\ Data, which is causing Vivaldi to exit incorrectly.

  • I was about to recommend setting vivaldi://flags/#enable-password-force-saving but I see that I can’t trigger it anymore from a password field’s context menu (nor the related vivaldi://flags/#enable-manual-password-generation feature).

    1.14.1077.60 (Stable channel) (64-bit)

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