v1.11.917.39 stopped working properly at upwork.com

  • For several years I work at upwork.com (the largest freelancers platform). After the last update (1.11.917.39) I could not submit new proposals, I received error messages about "Sorry, we were unable koad this page.".

    I tries Google Chrome, Opera, and even Internet Explorer, also Vivaldi v.1.10.867.38. They all work.

    Also staff at upwork.com advised to use Incognito mode (i.e. Vivaldi's "New Private Window"), and it works as well.

    I do not know what's the problem with v1.11.917.39? Somebody faced such problem?

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    Private Window disables all extensions.
    Any extensions in Vivaldi which can block?

  • Only 3 extensions: AdGuard, Currency Converter, Undirect. But I'm using them for years for Vivaldi, Chrome and Opera. I have updated my browsers millions of times, but I've never seen such a problem.

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    Did you try to disable the extensions in Extension Manager and re-enabling step by step.

  • Thanks to you, I found out what the problem is - AdGuard. I disabled it on that site and now everything is working fine. I have been using AdGuard for years, and this happened for the first time, apparently there was something wrong with its last update. Anyway, I was convinced that this problem does not comes from the site, it's AdGuard that blocks upwork.com (partially). Maybe in their future updates they will correct this issue, I don't know.

  • @Niefer Good to know, try using uBlock Origin instead of Adguard, and see if it works better for you.
    Anyway, are you a paying customer of Adguard? Because in this case they have to listen to you if you report the problem to them.


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