DMCA used to remove ad url from easylist blocklist

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    I posted this here on my ScriptJäger extension but I then found we have a lounge area for security and privacy. So here's a copy.


    An ad company is using the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) to remove itself from the blocklist, while urls can't be copyrighted they are using the idea that the ad is a copyrighted work and blocking it is disruption of copyright, which goes against the USA law, which for them means it's against the laws of the universe.

    Hopefully they will fail but when dealing with copyright not always the most obvious things happen.

  • I think ads (in the form we know them) have had their day. I see an increase in the use of affiliate links, subscription/donation methods, and sponsored content these days and I think this coupled with the use of ad blockers is scaring the businesses whose sole purpose is just to put ads on pages and get clicks.


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