When will Vivaldi improve?

  • When can we have more buttons added to the main panel for bookmarks etc like Maxthon 4? What if we do not want a side bar or have to click on the panel to show the side bar and then select bookmarks etc its all time wasting. There is plenty of room on the main panel especially as most of us do not bother with a search engine bar. When are we going to be able to view the download speed not just the download itself? I want to know what I am getting in speed so I can make my mind up on using a download manager or not. Are we ever going to get an accelerated download manager like Maxthon 4? We need a data compression Opera Turbo Hows about an addition of a good hotkey maker built within the browser? I've noticed I can use QuickPaste again with Vivaldi after the problems with some previous versions. When full screen why can't we have some way of viewing and accessing a hidden URL Bar, I believe Yandex used to or still does allow this. Why when full screen cant we have hidden side menus we can access? Hows about an hidden side bar where we can access what we want and then it hides when we are not accessing? Give us a url bar so me can be full screen but utilize the browser properly and some way of being able to view tabs in full screen when we want to. It amazes me how backward most browsers are when it comes to full screen! Whats the point in going full screen if we cannot even utilize a damn url bar and set up some tabs. I'm sure on the early Vivaldi you could go full screen but keep side tabs, not any longer it seems. Lets do away with preview type tabs for side menus and just give us neat looking word tabs so we can go full screen and get a large amount of tabs viewed on screen. Right now I'm very disappointed with Opera its speeddials on the developer have become dire compared to Vivaldi but at least Opera keeps the screen captures. Is it me or is Vivaldi much brighter than Opera and other browsers, it seems more colorful across the board. Someone please tell me what is the point of Opera having a sidebar for extensions? Why is everyone side bar mad? Why do people like clutter all over the screen taking up space? Its like trying to mine Helium-3 off the moon to get some browser makers to add simple buttons to the main panel like Maxthon 4. Why can't we have a vivaldi speed dial button like Opera has or some url to access the speedial so it can be placed in a home button at least. Hows about a tab manager/menu button like Opera has which is very handy? It shocks me how some of the simple things are missed or ignored by browser makers but I notice the Chinese seem to spend more time on those simple but effective things in some of their browsers many of the western browser makers should follow or improve on. So to me for any browser to be really good on customization and look then it is a must that they at least match the options of Maxthon 4 and more, anything less is not worthy.


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