Automatically hibernate unused tabs

  • Hello,

    I just have a simple question : Is there a way to automatically hibernated all unused tab?


  • there is something similar, but I never tried it
    description says it's automatic when memory is low

  • Actually, yes there is, but it is not built into the browser itself. You can utilize a Chrome extension called The Great Discarder. This extension is made by the developers of "The Great Suspender" and it uses the same discard functionality built into Chromium that Vivaldi does.

    You can set the extension to automatically discard tabs after they have been unused for a certain amount of time. I love it, and it really helps keep RAM utilization down (a huge issue with Vivaldi). The browser will also recognize this is happening and dim tab favicons just like with manual hibernation.

  • It's strange but it seems I don't have this option. I have the latest version of Vivaldi. I think it's because I'm on a linux version. Am I right ?

  • Yes, I think so. I just fired up Chromium on Linux and did not see a flag for that option. There is also this Chromium bug. Only Mac and Windows have the feature built in. Linux does have manual tab discarding, though, as you can see when you go to chrome://discards on any platform on Vivaldi.

    However, you can still automatic tab discarding based on time via the Great Discarder.

  • It works with the great discarder. Thanks.

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