Why the new Vivaldi icon? Here's why.

  • The new icon is fine but could be better, for me it will be more appealing if you just simply use the V logo or the V logo with the circle, and make the color red more deeper like opera browser.

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    @alamat said in Why the new Vivaldi icon? Here's why.:

    make the color red more deeper like opera browser

    I think it should not be like Opera, the Vivaldi logo color should differ from existing other browsers.

  • Yes, the more differ than other is better, Im just compared each other color and thought that the vivaldi icon color should be more deeper.

  • I was waiting to see when my wife noticed the logo change...

    So yesterday she mentioned it, and I asked which one she preferred... For some reason she was reluctant to commit - and after pressing her for a few moments she finally relented by saying "I suppose I'll get used to it". I said "what does that mean?" Her response: "well I married you didn't I?"

    I'll let you draw your own conclusions... 😃

  • I really fell in love with Vivaldi, but I also dislike the new icon, I dont get, why all corners of nearly any ractangle should be rounded. The original icon was much more interesting, it expressed, in my opinion, also movement. Even the tabs of Vivaldi are not rounded be default! I hope you dont plan to round them as well. 😞

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    @burbuja Rounding and squaring are mostly under user control.

  • When do you expect the new icon to become universal?

    A month has passed since this change and I still have the same menu button in the upper right corner, the website favicon is still the same, and most of the usage on the website including the old banners and badges are all still the same. Maybe a capable intern could handle this so you guys can continue to concentrate on finishing Sync and all the other stuff in the works?

  • I think enough of this joke now, give us the old icon back now. Its no more funny.

  • The old one was simply more elegant. I'd like to have it back.

  • @naderi You can exchange both the application icon and the menu icon in your browser, if you don't like the new one. But chances the devs change back to the old icon are close to zero at this point.

  • @luetage: How does it work on Mac and Windows?

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    • Right click the icon on the taskbar (Jump list opens)
    • Right click the first option titled Vivaldi from the bottom
    • Choose properties (First option from the bottom)
    • There's a big button on the bottom saying "Change Icon"

  • I was looking for any thread relating to this. I know it's a year old topic, but maybe still relevant?
    I don't dislike the icon, I think it looks ok. However seeing how the old one was and/or some of those discarded iterations (the red V looks SICK) I wish we had an option to change them to different designs? If that could even be possible, I wouldn't know. At least on Windows. Right now I'm seeing this current icon (ver 2.0) on page thumbnails however the Vivaldi Icon on the left of "Vivaldi" here on forums AND the Icon menu on the top left on the browser are all red BG with White V. I like that one much more. And I wish it was a little square. I always hated the round trend we've been having for the past years, it makes no sense to me.
    I don't know what it is, but the current icon doesn't look appealing to me to click it (unlike Firefox one, i.e or even Edge which looks plain boring BUT looks consistent with the rest of the OS - but I can't use Edge compared to Vivaldi. Vivaldi is just too good!)

  • @latisullivan You can also switch the Vivaldi icon to a menu icon if your prefer in Settings, Appearance, Menu.

    0_1539860349816_Vivaldi Menu Icon.png

  • @pesala said in Why the new Vivaldi icon? Here's why.:

    @latisullivan You can also switch the Vivaldi icon to a menu icon if your prefer in Settings, Appearance, Menu.

    0_1539860349816_Vivaldi Menu Icon.png

    Thanks for the suggestion! I knew that already, and that is not a problem. I don't even use that menu. In fact I have it as "icon" because it looks better than the menu imo. I said it just as an example that in some places the icon doesn't have the white circle BG and it looks better.

  • I like the squircle, but I don't like the circle inside of it, and I think it's because the negative space casts a shadow. I percieve the white space as a hole, so it's a bit strange. I would keep the white circle without the shadow or get rid of it entirely.
    (pic done with MS Paint, that's all I got on this PC)


  • @DavidBevi Vivaldi did create a version without the circle inside the squircle, it was up for some time on the main vivaldi.com site. They seem to have decided against it. In my opinion the logo looks better without the circle – the circle makes it look like some kind of retro TV set / computer screen.


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