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  • I am curently trying to find reason why it took long time to load a page. It takes 10s or even more. Other page on same domain works fine unles i open them in new window. Sometimes its works normaly but most of a time it is slow. When i open second browser at same moment it is faster then Vivaldy. Old IE is fast as flash. Firefox is slower but still faster then Vivaldi. My PC is Ryzen 5@4ghz, 16gb ram, 1tb ssd with Win7. So it should be fast enough. My connection is VDSL. I have tried to change some setting on my modem/router. For example DNS servers but no chance.

  • show me which pages are loading in 10s. here is loading all fine ^^'

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    @Woyta Do you use 3rd party security software?

  • I am using avast. That was my thought, that he could be problem.
    But when i dissable it, there is no change.
    Second thought was adblock.
    Also no change.

    Tchelows: For me every page.

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    @Woyta Those who have had trouble with Avast! (and there have been several) had to uninstall it to get any benefit. "Disabling" it does not prevent is from slowing things by seizing and inspecting every file you try to use.

  • You were right. Avast was a cause. Some update during lost month. I had no problems until begining of July. That is why i did not suspect Avast to be cause of problems.
    My Avast config was bit stripped of some parts tha i dont need as their secure line VPN.
    So now Avast is out and Bitdefender works fine.

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    Over many years with Windows from XP to 10 running anti-virus or desktop firewall solutions from AVG, Kaspersky, Outpost, ESET i learned: Sometimes these security tools block or slowdown (some, not all) browsers, the security tool's implementation of Malware-behavior checking caused this. Changing settings in av tools may help but that process may be complicated as users do not know which setting interferes with correct working of the browser.

    @Woyta I read about many problems where Avast is interfering Vivaldis loading or starting.
    Did you report such problem to Avast support, they need to check and fix it.

  • I wrote about this problem on Avast forum. They dont seems to be happy about that I removed their app from all my PCs to make them work again.

    Vivaldi was not only browser affected by this.
    Firefox on my PC worked reasonable. IE was fast.
    Opera on my mothers laptop (Vista on C2Q 2.5ghz, 4gb ram) was affected most. Page loading 20s or 404 error.
    But Opera 12 or IE worked on same machine fine.
    I think, tha they screwed up something in a webshield for chromium based browsers.


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