Problem on switching between Integrated and Dedicated.

  • Macbook Pro 2017, Sierra 10.12.6, Vivaldi 1.9.818.50(due to Laggy on trackpad Scrolling, i downgraded to this version).

    Macbook Pro switches between integrated and dedicated automatically depending on different situaitions.
    But when i use Vivaldi, for example i was browsing a web that required dedicated graphic card, Mac switched to dedicated automatically; when i shut down that web, Mac should switched to intergrated automatically, however it didn't, the dedicated graphic card worked still until i shut down the browser. I think it's a serious problem on Macbook Pro, considering it consumed a lot of battery.
    The "autuomatical switching" works fine on Safari and Chrome (both i don't want to use)

  • I've had a similar issue. Take a look at this. I've found that when this happens, it is usually the main browser process that it the dGPU dependency, and it will not switch back until you close the browser. I've taken to using gfxCardStatus to force integrated, but that is not a great solution though.

  • @Shrinra i used gfxCardStatus too, but it didn't work. When Vivaldi was using dGPU, gfxCardStatus forbidded switching to iGPU, i searched from google and learned that because if gfxCardStatus allowed the switching, iGPU and dGPU will work at the same time.

    Also when switching to dGPU, my mouse will disappear and system don't response for a short moment, i konw it's Mac's problem.

  • @joecole_1 gfxCardStatus can not force dependency processes to relinquish the dGPU. This means that once Vivaldi grabs a hold of it, you cannot simply switch gfxCardStatus to integrated only and have it swap to the iGPU. However, you can use the program to stop programs from utilizing the dGPU in the first place. What you should do is quit Vivaldi, switch gfxCardStatus to "Integrated Only" at that point, and then launch the browser again. This will prevent it from unnecessarily switching to the dGPU and never giving it up.

    Like I said, it is not a great solution, but it works for now.

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    Did you report a bug to Vivaldi bugtracker?

  • @Gwen-Dragon No, i didn't find where to report this problem.

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    If you found a bug, please report the issue to the developers to fix it.

    How to do a bugreport for Vivaldi
    Report each bug seperately at
    Describe the issue as precise as you can.
    Add some information about extensions you use.
    Add information about the operating system and version you use.
    if you have problems with video or audio give us information about your installed codecs and graphics card/GPU.
    Add a link to a testpage where the issue comes up and can be tested.
    After reporting the issue, you will receive a confirmation mail from the bugtracker.
    In a reply to this mail you can add more information and files (like screenshots or testcases) as attachments and it will be added automatically to bug report.
    If you have questions about the bug please ask in forum first and do not forget to post the VB-XXXXX bug number (you can find it in confirmation mail).

    Thanks in advance for helping us to make Vivaldi better!

  • @Shrinra i download the latest gfxCardStatus, it's pretty good, and it works, thanks!
    @Gwen-Dragon Ok i'll take a look at it. Also i have another bug to report: Scrolling laggy on the latest vivaldi.


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