Bug: Page Rendering in Full Screen (F11) with Tiled Tabs

  • Edit: I'm using version 1.11.917.39

    Hello everybody! Awesome browser! I evangelize whenever given the chance--really great stuff!

    I've only been using Vivaldi for a few days (after considering it for a few months... should've switched earlier!) and I love everything about it so far. One of my favorite features is the ability to tile a browser window with multiple tabs. On that note:

    If I have a set of tabs tiled and press F11 to enable Full Screen mode, interaction (even a single click) with any of the content in a tile causes the page in this tile to be rendered as if it were full screen and the content is "behind" the other tiles and/or off of the screen. Here is a link to an example:


    The page in the upper-right tile has been rendered as if the tile were the size of my display and is cut off at the bottom and right edges of the tile.

    There is one scenario in which I am able to manipulate one of the tiles without experiencing this bug: If, in Full Screen mode, I manipulate only the tile which was selected before pressing F11, the tile behaves as it should. If I remain in full screen, select another tile, and then return to the initially selected tile, the bug surfaces again (in both the "other" tile and the initially selected tile).

    This bug appears on sites with simpler layouts/frames than cryptowat.ch as well.

    Let me know if you have any further questions.


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