• Hi All, Newbie here, please can someone tell me what to do to enable duckduckgo to work in the address bar. every time I type anything (That is not a genuine URL) it pops up with a box to download ac.json. What I am I supposed to do with it please?

  • Go to and right click the search field. Select "add as search engine". Then go to vivaldi://settings/search/ and set it as default by clicking the checkmark.

    Alternatively you can visit vivaldi://settings/search/ and click "reset to default". This will delete all your custom search engines, but as far as I know duckduckgo is added by default already, then you just have to set it as default anew.

  • Thanks for your reply. I already did what you suggested and duckduckgo works fine in a separate tab or in the side bar. The problem only occurs when I try to type a search into the address bar.

  • I have no idea what ac.json is, but it doesn't sound like this is bundled with Vivaldi. You might have some third party code on your install doing this. Try a reset -->

  • ac.json isn't something foreign. It's what is sent to the browser when it tries to load search suggestions.

    example, typing "something" in the address bar loads the auto-complete suggestions from as a json file

    Normally, vivaldi should interpret this and show search suggestions from the autocompletion list, but this seems to have bugged somehow.

  • That's weird, search suggestions via duckduckgo are working for me.
    edit your duckduckgo search definitions and see if you have
    in the second field, for suggestions.

  • @LonM Damn, you're obviously right. But I still wonder why a request for download pops up, it doesn't really make sense.

  • I have Vivaldi 1.11 and use DuckDuckGo without problems from the address bar
    What extensions do you use?

  • If you are working JSON data I would suggest using JSON Formatter tool for formatting and Validating JSON data.

  • Thanks for all suggestions.

    iAN CooG - that's exactly what I have defined under the search choice in Settings.

    Catweazle - only extention is uBlock Origin.

    jamesmalvi - not using (Or don't believe I'm using) JSON data

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