A Year with Vivaldi - From Beta to the Best Browser

  • Dear Vivaldi Team,

    I was sick of chrome proper but the junk under the hood was good. I ran across Vivaldi when it was in early beta around a year ago. It was a real walk back in certain critical features I expected from a modern browser, but it added so many that I still use constantly today that no other browser offers.

    A year later, Vivaldi is far and away the most pleasurable experience. It's entirely customizable and it's only getting more granular. The only downsides I have experienced are mostly related to the chromium layer. Chewing up tons of RAM and certain sites that refuse to run well in any chromium based browser and only work in Firefox properly, but those are few and far between.

    Now, coming up to shake the world of mail, Vivaldi Mail. A feature which I have been patiently waiting for what seems like ages.... an integrated in-browser mail better than Gmail and Thunderbird combined.

    To completely get out of the Google cattle herd is going to be nice. I hate being caged in just because I want to get work done and enjoy a seamless experience. So thanks a ton Vivaldi for all your hard work.

  • @praxisseizure said in A Year with Vivaldi - From Beta to the Best Browser:

    I ran across Vivaldi when it was in early beta around a year ago

    You wrote a nice post, which probably had many other users smiling & nodding. If you have enjoyed the ride V's given you for ~a year, just how much fun do you imagine those of us have had with it who found & adopted it from [or very soon after] its initial public release in Jan 2015? [Clue: lots!! - O12 reborn; yay].

  • @Steffie Everyone who has been a part of this project has kicked so much ass. All of the opinions that I have seen come to fruition; even some of my own. It's nothing short of remarkable. I use your tips and tricks every day. I can't thank this community and the Vivaldi Devs enough for making the best browser the internet has ever seen.

    It really is that good.

  • @praxisseizure Kind remarks, thanks. I absolutely do agree with your sentiments... though i've written this various times herein in older posts occasionally, i'll risk boring people senseless by again mentioning it... i still recall with relish my child-like giggles of joy & whoops of delight [i'm not very mature] in early 2015, after taking my cue from that serendipitous O15 Forum post that mentioned "this new browser that was worth checking out; Vivaldi], & then duly checking it out. I was just so gobsmacked, as i read Jon's initial raison d'etre on the V site... it was like he was writing directly to me, in that he articulated all my frustrations felt for some years after O12 became basically unusable, when i'd tried FF, Waterfox, Pale Moon, Nightly, Chrome, Comodo Dragon, Sleipnir, O15+, Slimjet [which i'd possibly select if there were no Vivaldi, albeit it's a loooooog way short of V] & various others... all inadequate, all left me wanting, all left me feeling that the practical death of O12 had left a vacuum i was unable to fill. Then along comes V. Oh my grins, giggles & guffaws. That was a pretty happy day.

    PS: FYI, here in Oz, an ass is a donkey. I try not to inflict GBH on animals as a rule. 🙂


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