Weird bug : no internet access otherwise than in private nav

  • Hello everybody,

    Since yesterday I have a strange bug with my Vivaldi browser...

    I can't connect to internet if I use the "normal" browser, but I can if I use the private navigation !
    All the other programs on my computer have a normal access to internet.

    Any idea about how to solve that please ? I have alreadry delete all the pastries/history with Ccleaner, it doesn't help :(

    (Sorry for this pitiful english :D )

    Thaaanks !

  • This is very strange. All the private window does is prevent history from being recorded and cookies from being set. This cannot possibly change anything regarding your access to the internet. Have you tried with clean profile? ---->

  • Yeah, I know, that's the first time I see something like that, I don't understand...

    I will try to reset, with your link, all i want is just keeping my bookmarks :p

    I will let you know

    edit : It works ! I have cut/past the folder "Default" in "AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data", and now it works even in "standard" mode (without private nav).

    I will cut/past back all the folders in the "Default" folder, one by one, and see when it starts bugging again

  • I have found the culprit ! It was this file : Secure Preferences

    It seems that this file contains the extensions, I have to reinstall all of it (otherwise I keep all my personnal settings/bookmarks/etc.)

    It's really a mistery, from a day to another pop! it works no more (and it's not because of a Vivaldi update).

    The consequences are solved anyway, so thank you very much !

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