Open Search Tab In Background

  • If I highlight a word, then right click and choose "Search For", a new tab opens in focus and takes me away from the page that I was viewing. I would like to be able to have the tab load in the background so I can continue reading the page that I am on, then view the "Search For" tab when I get around to it.

  • @Dypsis

    I partly agree, at least it should open in a background if you middle-click it, but the middle-click doesn't work in the right-click menu. Even better would be an overall settings switch which handles this.

  • I posted about the same thing in "Feature requests for 1.12". It wolud be nice to open search tab in background. Or even better to have option about that so anyone can choose for themselves

  • @Dypsis
    Press the "Ctrl" key while clicking on "Search for".

  • @QuHno Ctrl-click opens in a foreground tab, just like middle-click.

  • @luetage woops.... you are right.
    Added this thread as comment to VB-24362 - '"Search with..." does not open in background tab'

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