New windows open very slowly

  • Hi there,

    I have a hi-end gaming laptop with an SSD. Vivaldo runs very smoothly when I browse or cycle through tabs. However, opening a new window takes 7 seconds (opening a new tab is not too bad, but still takes almost a second). It gets better when I do it repeatedly (e.g. after the first couple of times it will only take 2-3 seconds to open a new tab, if I don't browse in the meantime). Is there a way to fix this, or should I just wait and hope for this to be better in the next version?

    BTW, I have seen other topics on this, but there were all 7+ months old, and talking about a shorter delay (2 to 3 seconds).

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    @rubenvann On a 2-year-old mid-range system, my new window takes 2 sec and new tab .75 sec. So it's not your hardware.

    A number of causes for slow tab or window start have been implicated: corrupt files in profile, too many bookmarks, too many notes, too long a download list, corrupt history file, trying to open (many) custom speed dial images from an external drive, 3rd party security software...

    Can't say "this" is the reason for a slow tab or window opening. But I do know this: It's not normal.

  • This is one of those issue that everyone is facing right now and vivaldi developers know that and they are trying their best to solve this issue . So be patient and bear with us. :cartwheel_tone3:

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