-Experiment- for smaller dials

  • Premise, I'm using zoom: but I'm pretty sure this should replaced with something newer, like transform or scale.

    Tested on windows only at 1920x1080 with vertical tabs.
    My UI before this was 75% so probably you have to tweak values.
    Values in zoom should be x1.5/x2 the "old" Vivaldi UI zoom value.
    Some setup, and Mac or linux could need edits to work.

    To test it:

    • Set max column in speed dial settings to 10 or 12.
    • Set UI zoom to 50% (barely readable) to reduce dial size (only known way).
    • The code below will change size to single UI elements without touching dial thumb size. Thumbs will be -25% in size (from 75% to 50%) and the vivaldi rendering shouldn't be broken.

    Known issues:

    • Context menu in menubar overlap half button. I really don't know how push it slightly down. (conflictual code)
    • Site popup in urlbar is not centered. (shouldn't go offscreen)
    • Bookmark/History managers have strange columns (but readable).
    • Popup extensions are shown but in the wrong position. (Removed popup arrow and used a less aggressive reposition).
    .topmenu, .addressfield, .bookmark-bar, 
    .tab-strip, .manager, .dialog-clear-data,
    .win .vivaldi-settings,
    .addwebpanelcallout, .button-title,
    .button-startpage.up, .startpage-navigation,
    .footer {zoom: 150%;}
     /*Reposition popup*/
    .extensionaction .popup  {
        position: inherit;
        right: 125px;
        top: 90px;
    /*Fix grid view*/
    div.ReactVirtualized__List {width: 100% !important;}
     /*Hide popup arrow*/
    .extensionaction .popup.top:before, .extensionaction .popup.top:after {display: none;}	
    .vivaldi-tree .tree-row label span,
    .panel#downloads li, span.url {zoom: 135%;}
    .sortselector-dropdown {zoom: 133%;}
     .panel > header {zoom: 120%;}
    .startpage {zoom: 115%;} /*Reduced right/left margins*/

  • @Hadden89 Nice effort and good idea, but doesn't work at all. There is no element displaying at the right size for me at 50% UI zoom.

    The issue is mathematical. If you go to 50% size, and then go from this new 100% to 150%, you don't get to the original size. That's simply impossible.

  • Just to show it:
    3 x 0.5 = 1.5
    1.5 x 1.5 = 2.25
    2.25 != 3

  • @luetage I suspected.
    I fear this code work only on Windows and with specific sizes of font, DPI, resolution and bar positions. I really don't know how to make it scalable for different resolutions, as is just a bad workaround I hope to kill very soon (with native function :P ).
    The start UI scale was to 75%. Forgot to say.

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