Never remember history

  • Please add the time the basic settings that are missing from ANY web browser based on the engine blink . This is the setting that will make Vivaldi cease to be a copy of Chrome , Comodo , Slimjet , SRWare Iron . I do not mean Incognito mode that does not work All segments addons . More as it is in Firefox. - Vivaldi will keep no record of your browsing history. -The files you download will not be listed in the Downloads windowLibrary window. - The text you enter into form fields or the search bar will not be remembered. -Vivaldi will accept cookies from sites and delete them when you close Vivaldi. -[b]Using Never remember history is equivalent to always being in Vivaldi Private Browsing mode. [/b] If it is not the basic settings that are no longer in almost every browser Vivaldi has no chance to be in the top three browsers . Written translator


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