Resize Speed Dial icons

  • I read that the SD page received quite a lot of attention lately, and I wonder if I'm the only user who's desperately missing the possibility to resize the icons.
    Right now I can not see all of my 4x3 SD icons, not even talking about the 4x4 layout I'm actually used to.

    Is there maybe a hidden setting/hack that makes it possible to shrink the icons in order to achieve a reasonable 4x4 layout?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Natively you can only set settings/appereance/User Interface zoom to less than 100% to fit more thumbnails in SD, at the cost of reduced UI fonts.
    More geometry options for the SD are very welcome but no idea if they're working on it.

  • @netwolf You can decrease the margin on top and on bottom of the speed dial with a custom modification, then the 4x3 setup should be visible, even on a screen with low resolution.

  • What a pity that this isn't easily possible.
    Unfortunately I'm not into Vivaldi modding (yet).
    I found some interesting parts in common.cs (speed.dial, sdwrapper etc.) but nothing I changed really had an influence...
    4x4 would be really great on my 1366x768.

  • @netwolf I have the same resolution, 4x3 is the maximum. But I kinda understand why they went with big speed dials -- soon enough no one will have a monitor that isn't full HD anymore. I'm thinking about replacing my laptop too.

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