Sort bookmarks by 'My order'

  • Hi,
    just installed version 1.11 and imported my Opera 12.x settings.
    Even though I like the bookmarks view, I can no longer switch back to my order, which is basically sorted by 'date added'.
    I can however use this view in the bookmark panel, but not in the actual Tools - Bookmarks view.

    Is there a way to get my sorting back, or in other words disable the column based sorting?

  • @netwolf You can, just click on the headings. To go back to manual view you just have to click one heading till it shows no arrow any more.

    0_1502549226188_Screenshot 2017-08-12 16.46.14.png

  • Great, thank you!

    I tried several columns, but obviously each of them only 2 times ;-)
    Well, sometimes the easiest thing is the hardest to see...

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