Holding the scroll wheel button selects text

  • Using the recent 1.11 stable version on Windows 7. This issue didn't happen in the previous update.

  • @HyphenSam Yes, well, but... why do you want to hold the wheel button? Why not simply do this when you want to scroll the page?

    1. Click the wheel button somewhere convenient on the target page, to invoke the autoscroll mode.
    2. Release the wheel-button.
    3. Move the mouse a few mm [or whatever] in the desired scroll direction to commence scrolling.
    4. Left-click anywhere passive on the page to exit autoscroll mode, when ready.

    Over the past few or maybe several weeks there's been a plethora of complaints identical to yours, & with respect they don't entirely make sense... it is not necessary to continuously press the wheel button to autoscroll, & doing it as above works perfectly [including no spurious text highlighting etc].

    Yes i use Linux now, but i used to use Windows for 20+ years prior [culminating in Win7 x64 Pro for several years prior to dumping Win for Linux in 2014]. I now have Win10 in two VMs, & occasionally test V therein [just for me], though i actually live in Linux these days. Tonight as i wrote this post, to ensure i was not misleading you, i launched one of the Win10 VMs, updated both SS & Stable to their respective latest versions, & autoscrolled as i described... perfect behaviour. Does Win7 genuinely play badly with V re autoscrolling, even if you operate per above?


  • @Steffie а я вот хочу
    опера 12.17> vivaldi

  • @Steffie no, it's just user bad habits not knowing better I suppose. Scroll wheel must be rolled or clicked once, not kept pushed.

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    I really do not know why users want to drag the MMB fro autoscroll. :astonished:

    On Windows it works with one click on MMB and scroll wheel up/down or moving mouse up/down/left/right, works as in Opera, Chrome or Firefox.
    Thats since years the same in browsers.

  • Sorry for the late response. I don't use this forum often.

    I like using it because I only have to hold the button and release, instead of clicking twice. It's useful if I only want to scroll the page by a bit.
    If this is a bad habit to pick up, then I suppose now is a good excuse to unlearn it.

  • You click to scroll people are the weird ones. This is an issue with the application, not the user. I'm also really annoyed with this and came here just to see if anyone else was complaining.

  • The bug is known to the devs but still not resolved, it will be fixed, but in the mean time avoid to keep the scroll wheel pushed, that's all. I hope it's clear now.

  • Same here! I prefer this method too. :beers:

    BTW what do you think about this?

    @Stardust said in Feature requests for 1.12:

    Middle click scrolling anywhere on the page by holding MMB.

    Basically, it is improved version of already existed Middle click scrolling: MMB should be pressed the whole time when you perform scrolling. This way you shouldn't care about where to put cursor (under link, image etc)

    I think it is a huge improvement.

  • Infact it doesn't care where I re-click middlebutton (aka Scroll wheel) to exit scroll mode, it only exits scroll mode, even if I click on a link.

  • I'm having the same issue on Windows 7. It seems strange that posters here are suggesting that the users are scrolling incorrectly when this method has been in place for years on Windows. It seems very much in the realm of preference rather than right/wrong in my opinion.

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    There is no right or wrong. I was wondering why users like to press their fingers while scrolling. not nice for the finger over decades (fact is more RSI by mousing around).

  • @Gwen-Dragon said in Holding the scroll wheel button selects text:

    There is no right or wrong. I was wondering why users like to press their fingers while scrolling. not nice for the finger over decades (fact is more RSI by mousing around).

    I feel more control when performing scrolling =)
    Also: 1 click vs 2 clicks :scales:

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