No sound with videos (Youtube etc)

  • I am struggling to solve a baffling issue with videos playing in Vivaldi. In the last two weeks i can play any video from various sources (Youtube etc) but all I get is the visuals - no sound. I have tried these same videos in other browsers like Chrome and Opera and they play perfectly - but not in Vivaldi. I have checked all my laptop settings - using Windows 10 - but there does not seem to be any issue there - the problem is with Vivaldi - I'm almost certain. I updated to the latest version thinking maybe that was the problem but it made no difference - can anyone make a suggestion or two - it would be much appreciated as the problem is really costing me time and money now. Thank you in advance.

  • It is possible in windows to set specific application's volume via the sound mixer, maybe it's set to 0 in yours for Vivaldi.

  • Thank you for the super fast reply - and yes - you were right - the Vivaldi video player sound had got muted - how, I don't know - as I don't recall ever accessing that windows feature - but anyway - problem solved. . BTW - I so love this browser - thank you for all your hard work - it's just getting better and better. 🙂

  • Bugs. It happened randomly to me sometimes and not only on this pc, at first boot I found the whole audio off even if the tray icon indicated it was on. Clicking it to off and then to on again, let there be sound!


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