Vivaldi email?

  • I remember reading about Vivaldi opening up an email service, but I haven't seen a subforum here dedicated to it. Has it gone out of development? I might be looking for a new email provider.

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    @paulri Vivaldi has a webmail service connected to this community, and is still in development of its own email client built into the browser as well. I use the client daily while it is being debugged and matured.

    Do not confuse a client and a service. You already have an email address you may use because you are signed in to the community. That address is connected to a web email SERVICE, which you can use in any browser.

    The Vivaldi email CLIENT will be software that lives in the Vivaldi browser on your machine, and which enables you to fetch and send email from ANY email address you own, connected to any service, anywhere on the web.

  • OK, I'll give it a swing and see what it is like, since I guess I already have an account. No I was talking about a service, not a built in email client. I like webmail.

  • Still, a subforum would be nice.

    Do you know if there is a storage limit for email?

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    @paulri It's 5 GB.

  • Thanks.


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