Opera Unite

  • I don't know wether I should post this here or at the "browser" forum. Anyway, this is all about one of my favourite feature : Unite. I used to love it so much. I think it was a brilliant idea, even if not totally perfect, and it's a shame that it was dismissed. I really hope it will be back one day, in one form or another.

  • I really think it was one of those ideas (like Opera Widgets) that were ahead of it's time. I would always set up the lounge so I could invite friends and talk. Also I was in love with the Whiteboard and my friend and I would fool around with it not to mention I taught math on it! :lol: Fun times. I also hope it'll be picked back up soon in one way or another.

  • it's for this reason (Unite)at first than i am came on opera and after for blogs

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