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  • I'm having a slightly annoying problem with Vivaldi, and it has been plaguing me for quite a few versions. After using it for quite some time, and multiple tabs opened and closed, this behavior starts to happen. As you can see, the screenshot on top was before I came here and did a quick search, the one on the bottom is after me trying to open new links as tabs to see if anyone else was having the same issue.

    This usually solves by closing and opening the browser, but it starts to get a tad bit irritating.

    Is there anyway I can do to fix this? Vivaldi is so good, that even this problem won't stop me using it, but I still would like to have a tip top Vivaldi :)


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    @DrJester Can't figure out how/why that would happen. I have never seen anything like it. Have you tried refreshing your profile?

  • @Ayespy So seems to be working. Unfortunately this is just too unpredictable to happen.
    Anyway, after a whole full day of tests, it seems to be alright. I'll keep you updated.

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    @DrJester OK!

  • Quick update: So far so good, no problems!
    crossing fingers

    Hope it is fixed!

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    Thanks for your feedback.
    I set your 1rst post to Resolved.

  • This happens to me regularly after a session is a while old and many tabs have been opened and closed. A profile refresh fixes it temporarily, but so does closing all tabs and "starting fresh", so I think the refresh works just because it doesn't carry over open tabs.

    One side effect of the bug is that in that state, tab reordering is no longer possible. You can still drag them around, but they won't get moved to a different position when you release.

    Which is why I think the cause might be the same as for this issue that I occasionally have happen to me Vivaldi:

    As you can see, the tabs seem fine visually, but a weird effect starts happening when I try to drag to re-order. This happens in both vertical and horizontal layout, and persists across sessions, meaning even if I close Vivaldi and open it again (with restoring the tabs) the problem will be exactly the same. The only fix is to close the open, "bugged" tabs and start fresh.

  • I had the same issue, that's why I turned off Tab Stacking feature.

  • Same problem as OP has started happening to me months ago. It has since then happened at least twice a week, sometimes several times a day. I'm using the snapshots, and my profile is from either 2015-01-27 or around 2016-07. I have so far not tinkered with any settings.

    I start Vivaldi with my Computer at morning and usually don't close it until night. I have some pinned tabs I never close, because I need them continuously, so my sessions get old. However if I were to guess, the old tabs themselves don't seem related to the issue, except maybe the opening and closing of many other tabs in the same window over the day.
    My workaround is to move all tabs from the concerned window to a new one, but I would sure love this to get fixed.
    (Edit: I just tried restarting, which seems to work as well.)

    So far I cannot reproduce this behavior, but I think I can describe and pinpoint how this happens:
    I currently have a several days old window (closed in the evening and restored next morning). I have 3 tabs pinned and 3 more open. I then started opening a bunch of new tabs while researching (via middle click), until the tab bar filled up so tabs get reduced in width to fit. I then closed the next to last tab, and the other tabs stayed floating like in OP's image.

    Here is what it looks now after closing all those tabs:
    0_1503470246980_vivaldi floating tabs.jpg

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