Can't flip between tabs >_< [FIXED]

  • @Pesala said in Minimize tab on click?:

    Clicking the active tab minmises it and activates the next most recent tab. Clicking that one minimises that one and activates the one before that, etc. That's the way it should work.

    That's how it did work (with "Mimize Active Tab" is turned on) until the most recent snapshot or two.

    If I click tab A then tab B, B, B, B, B, etc., instead of going ABABABAB, it now goes ABCBDBEBFBGB etc., cycling though other tabs in between foregrounding B, instead of alternating with A. I hope it gets fixed before the next final release; it's driving me nuts. Occupational hazard for using snapshots, I guess. 😛 I've filed a ticket.

    This is on snapshot 1.11.917.35 .

  • @Isildur I rather like the current behaviour, even though it is probably a bug. It's another convenient method to cycle through tabs. OK for me with rarely more than five tabs open, but probably confusing for others.

  • Well, they probably know, but a bugreport can't hurt. Let's see what the first 1.12 snapshot brings.

  • This has been fixed by the the current snapshot.


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