Version 1.11 ignores some theme colors

  • Except for the speed dial, interface elements that used to be controlled by the background color now appear as shades of light grey or near white. This happens when any of the interface contrast settings are checked, but not if none of them are checked. Unfortunately for me, I have some slight cognitive problems and I need the control these colors and have the contrast on.

  • Could you give a specific example? If you have problems, nearly all of it can be controlled by custom modifications.

  • @luetage I'm not sure what would be an example. But to duplicate this go into Themes, pick a light theme, and change the background color to something that will stand out in a test. For example, light brown. Now, go into Appearance and find the Contrast Adjustment settings. Change it to Medium. The problem also shows up of the contrast is set to High or Maximum.

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    Perhaps you misunderstand the Contrast settings.
    The algorithm for contrast lets you only select the colors and hue which gives the correct contrast for the accessability (WCAG up to Maximum) setting.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I've read WCAG guidelines. I don't think Vivaldi had it set up wrong before this release. In fact, I think Vivaldi had a brilliant implementation. With it I was able to use color to distinguish the interface from the web page. The use of color to distinguish elements is one of the goals of WCAG. But now the color choice is gone.

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    @Andrew111 said in Version 1.11 ignores some theme colors:

    But now the color choice is gone.

    a11y is important for many people. Vivaldi should support such settings correctly.
    I need better color settings too. My eyes are not the best.

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  • Is this the issue?
    0_1502789915437_Screenshot 2017-08-15 11.37.52.png

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    OMG! Yes, crazy with Contrast WCAG settings:
    Click to open animated PNG

    What a bug.
    I reported my issue as VB-30985 "Theme color settings get crazy with WCAG contrast setting"

    @Andrew111 Please did you report a bug?

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    The developer for the theme ui will have a look this day.

  • @Gwen-Dragon I thought posting here was my bug report. Where am I supposed to go.

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    @Andrew111 Absolutely. file a bug report here.

    The forums are primarily a way to talk about your problems and get help/support from other users. It's not a primary route to inform the developers of bugs.

    Stuff that gets talked about a lot here is likely to make its way into a bug report sooner or later, even if only because a moderator reports it. But talking about problems here is more along the lines of learning if you DO have a bug or not, whether workarounds are known, what other causes or solutions there might be for your issue, etc.


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