Loss of focus on window content

  • I don't remember seeing this mentioned before, so apologies if it has... I'm quite often frustrated by the loss of UI focus on the content of the page I'm looking at. This frequently happens after opening a link, closing a tab, etc. - I'll have done some mouse or keyboard action to get to see a different page, read to the bottom; and then spend a couple of seconds pressing cursor down or page down until I realise I have to once again reach for the mouse to click on the page background first. I've only just switched to TP2, so let's see if this still happens...

  • Just started getting this problem on the latest snapshot. Perplexing!

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    Had this problem on 123, but not 124.

  • I hadn't noticed it much recently, but just now it happened again: clicked the reply button, got the reply topic for this thread, then pressed down to see the edit box for the reply I'm currently typing (since I'm on my netbook which has a small screen) and… nothing. Had to mouse-click the page background before the cursor buttons worked again.

    So I'm not sure if it's always happening and I just don't notice it any more or if it comes and goes between different builds and/or use on XP netbook or Win7 desktop.

  • I think it may be a case of computer dumbness / Vivaldi tag-teaming it. I rebooted this laptop a while ago and it was fine again, but after leaving it sit overnight it's having troubles with focus once more; now the Vivaldi window stays on top sometimes even when I go to another window.

  • I can confirm this issue. I've had it for a while.
    Windows 8.1 x64 (x64 Vivaldi)


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