Issue Using Sheets, Docs, and Slides

  • Recently I have had issues whenever I try to use any of the above mentioned google tools. The page loads halfway, but then stops and none of the buttons work. Vivaldi is the latest version.
    Here are some screenshots: , , . I desperately need to be able to use these functions again soon.

  • Dev tools console show a lot of errors opening :

    • 2740182828-homescreen_binary_i18n_core.js:541 Uncaught iE {message: -"Error in protected function: is not a function", cause: TypeError: is not a function
      at new Wf (…, stack: "TypeError: is not a function↵ at new Wf …s/2740182828-homescreen_binary_i18n_core.js:99:51"}
      c @ 2740182828-homescreen_binary_i18n_core.js:541
      (anonymous) @ 2740182828-homescreen_binary_i18n_core.js:99
      postMessage (async)

    [snip of a very long list of errors]

    I suggest to open a bug report.

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