Latest update breaks Wacom Tablet compatibility completely.

  • I just updated to the latest release of Vivaldi and I can no longer navigate AT ALL when using my Wacom Tablet. (which I use as my primary mouse/trackpad) I posted an issue with the "tab stacking" previously not working when you use the Wacom Tablet. But the most recent update breaks double taps (double clicks) and dragging capabilities. (Scrolling)

    These things work fine when I switch to my trackpad, but I am on my Wacom most of the time. And this update has made me sramble to find a replacement browser. Are there any plans to implement Wacom Tablet support to this browser?

  • Have the same problem!

    Come on, Vivaldi team! Don't break functionality with 'updates' (and please make it possible to revert to previous version if an update causes a problem.....pleeeeeeeeeeease. Love Vivaldi and really unhappy to need to use something else until this is fixed...really regret installing the update now!)

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